Lauren & Alec “I DO” Under The Sea

Lauren + Alec

We had the blessed opportunity to capture the wedding of Lauren & Alec at the Florida Aquarium. Words can even begin to express how much fun this couple is! The day began at Embassy Suites in downtown Tampa, only 3 block from the Aquarium. The ladies were getting ready on the 4th floor; dressed in matching white robs with their initials on them. The guys were on the 13th floor; good thing we are a husband and wife team, I sent Brandon their way! Makeup artist and hair stylists from Destiny & Light were working away creating flawless beautiful finishes to the already beautiful ladies. The room was filled with laughter, tears of joy and a buzz of excitement.

Around 5:30 we all set sail for the Aquarium, a quick 3 min. jaunt down the street. Preparations were under way. Flowers were brought in, tables getting arranged and lighting being adjusted. Guests were slated to arrive at 6:30 so timing was perfect. Brandon and I took Lauren’s wedding dress to the large tanks where the sunlight pierced the water to light up the beautiful details on her dress. Breathtaking!

Little did Alec know, that while the ladies were helping Lauren into her amazing dress the animal caretakers were getting a little penguin ready to walk down the aisle moments before Lauren. That was one of Lauren’s gifts to Alec, so cute! Their wedding went perfectly. Beautiful light from the floor to ceiling tank filled the room and the sound of the water bubbling in the background along with a string quartet playing the wedding songs.

Ok…I’ll stop rambling on because I could go on! Here is a little sneak peek. Enjoy.

Horn Photo-Desing-0061

Horn Photo-Desing-0094

Horn Photo-Desing-0003

Horn Photo-Desing-0014

Horn Photo-Desing-0054

Horn Photo-Desing-0086

Horn Photo-Desing-0139

Horn Photo-Desing-0171

Horn Photo-Desing-0180

Horn Photo-Desing-0197

Horn Photo-Desing-0251

Horn Photo-Desing-0370

Horn Photo-Desing-0375

Horn Photo-Desing-0405

Horn Photo-Desing-0412

Horn Photo-Desing-0454

Horn Photo-Desing-0531

Horn Photo-Desing-0538

Horn Photo-Desing-0539

Horn Photo-Desing-0548

Horn Photo-Desing-0737

Horn Photo-Desing-0787

Horn Photo-Desing-0720

Horn Photo-Desing-0854

Horn Photo-Desing-0874

Horn Photo-Desing-0980

Horn Photo-Desing-0991



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