Saying “I Do” After 24 Years of Marriage

Martha + Hector

Love… we all try to define it, find it and hold on to it. Sometimes it gives us butterflies, causes us to be joy filled with not a care in the world, it takes our breath away and even causes us to throw caution to the wind. Other times it makes us cry, feel compassion and lets us know we are human. But the best part is when we share that love with someone else for the rest of our lives.

To see Martha + Hector say “I Do” before God + The Church this past weekend with their crazy loving family in tow (that they have created over the last 24 years) was Awe Inspiring! These two love birds did say “I Do” 24 years ago, however a drive in their hearts called them to say it again, only this time it took place in the Church they so dearly love.

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