Sevilla Wedding Sneak Peek

Ashley + Carlos

Ashley & Carlos said “I DO” on Florida’s sandy white beaches at Shephard’s Beach Resort on Clearwater Beach. Ashley was stunning in her Oleg Cassini wedding dress. Um… did I mention that Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, just to name a few, are ladies that have loved this designer! The dress was topped off with her diamond and pearl neckless, earrings and matching bracelet. Gorgeous!!

I have to mention that Ashley’s mom was an angel from heaven. She had all Ashley’s details ready to go for photos while keeping all the family members calm & happy. She even found time to tie all the bows for the wedding that morning. I have a few shots of her wooden E-Z Craft Deluxe Bow Maker. It was perfect for the ring shot. Oh…and my favorite shot is the one with Ashley and her daughter, as Ashley zipped up her flower girl dress; ok a few tears while editing that one.

One last thing, be sure to check out the table numbers. Each number represents a year of marriage and asked guests to write a message for that year depending on at which table they sat. Very cute idea!

Horn Photo-Desing-0001

Horn Photo-Desing-0002

Horn Photo-Desing-0004

Horn Photo-Desing-0011

Horn Photo-Desing-0015

Horn Photo-Desing-0024

Horn Photo-Desing-0025

Horn Photo-Desing-0033

Horn Photo-Desing-0035

Horn Photo-Desing-0039

Horn Photo-Desing-0046

Horn Photo-Desing-0055

Horn Photo-Desing-0057

Horn Photo-Desing-0061

Horn Photo-Desing-0065

Horn Photo-Desing-0064Horn Photo-Desing-0076Horn Photo-Desing-0069

Horn Photo-Desing-0071

Horn Photo-Desing-0073

Horn Photo-Desing-0019

Horn Photo-Desing-0017Horn Photo-Desing-0083

Horn Photo-Desing-0092

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