Summer Love + Lovebirds

Jessica + Charles

Summertime…my favorite time of year. The smell of fresh cut grass, an ice cold sweet tea in my hand and listening to song birds filling the air with enchanting melodies. Oh the sweet surrender of summer! If you are anything like me, summertime also means time to be with loved ones. Summertime cookouts, parties, bonfires and dancing under the stars. I can’t get enough of it.

But here we are, coming to a close on summertime – it has just flown by. Fortunately, Brandon and I were blessed with an amazing wedding to close out this summer season; the wedding of Jessica + Charles. And let me tell you, it was a summertime party to remember. An adorable theme of wooden lovebirds and mason jars filled with coral pink and yellow wild flowers filled Saxon Manor with sunshine. White folding chairs lined the fresh cut green lawn creating a beautiful natural aisle leading to an old set of double doors dressed in flowers and vines awaiting this gorgeous couple. Breathtaking! All of this was followed up by a dance floor under the star lit with firefly globes of radiant light.

P.S. The guys had a little run in with chickens before the wedding. You can’t have a true summertime wedding without having photos of the groomsmen with chickens. My fav.!

Venu – Saxon Manor • Hair & Makeup- The Loft 352, makeup artist: Jenisa Melendez • Dress – David’s Bridal • Tux- Macy’s • DJ – Lance Hallmark • Cake- Dorthea Stephens, Saxon Manor’s • Florist- Sherwood Florist

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