Wedding Love + Sneakers

Morgan + Joey

Converse sneakers… if you love them, you have always loved them and always will. There is nothing like the comfort and support they provide. The more you wear them the more comfortable they become, its like slipping your feet into a bit of heaven.

I dare to compare this to the marriage for Morgan and Joey. Crazy, maybe but bare with me. As we captured romantic moments of Morgan and Joey (no one else around) you could see how deeply Joey loves Morgan; it was clear, he always has and always will. The comfort and support they provide for each other was evident in each move they made. Holding each others hand, Joey softly sweeping Morgan’s hair out of her face as a gentle breeze came by and Morgan checking to make sure Joeys suit was perfect. From the day we took their engagement photos to today you can see how the comfort level between them has excelled. When they’re together its like their own little piece of heaven. They go together perfectly – just like your favorite pair of blue jeans and Converse sneakers.

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