Dahlonega Georgia Waterfall Proposal: Alexis + Corey

Three weeks ago Corey contacted us with exciting news, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Alexis and he wanted us to document it for them! So this past weekend it happened in front of a gorgeous water fall. EPIC!!! Before it all went down we received an email from him that read…

“Looking for photographer to take covert pictures of me proposing to my girlfriend on September 30, 2017.

Very Respectfully,

Of corse my little heart exploded because I lovelovelove documenting proposals! But two things in the email stood out to me, the word covert and the sign off Very Respectfully. My first thought was, WOW this is a super sweet very respectful gentleman, and since we have met them in person + documented the start of their amazing love story, I know this to be true first hand. However, we also learned that Corey is in the military and for us military holds a special place in our hearts. So we wanted to say…

THANK YOU Corey for your service, bravery + dedication to serving all of us. It is a true honor to be able to serve you with our artistic ability and we pray that it brings you immense joy now and for years to come.
By the way Alexis said YES!! She also adores photography and has picked it up as a loved hobby she hold drear to her heart.  

Epic Waterfall Proposal

So this was the look we got when she realized we were there photographing the entire thing! Corey definitely got a ton of points stored up in the love bank for this!
If you notice below we did not photoshop Corey’s hands and for good reason. These are hands of a man who is strong, works hard and is willing to sacrifice everything for his true love.
Same with Alexis’s hands, hers are soft, gentle + caring and design to take amazing care of her soon to be groom + husband.

This engagement ring!

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