Dewy Light Dahlonega Engagement Shoot: Jaclyn + Jonathan

There are two sides to every epic love story and if you ask Jonathan they met freshman year of college in Environmental Science, only 6 people in the class. She walked in like she owned it and Jonathan’s first thought was, she must be a senior. She took her seat at the back of the room while he sat in the front. From that moment on she had his attention without even knowing it.

But, if you ask Jaclyn they didn’t officially meet until a Dallas school trip almost 3 years later.  From that trip on they became amazing friends for a very long time. It was not until the last semester of grad school when their love story began to root and bloom. It was that year when Jonathan began to visit Jaclyn at the barn where she would ride. He would watch her ride and then they would go for beer + dinner. Then finally it happened 2 weeks before Jonathan moved to Denver. He looked into Jaclyn’s eyes and said he was beginning to fall for her.  The move to Denver still took place and with-in the 15 months Jonathan lived there they made 23 round trips to see each other. It was obvious, love had taken root and began the adventure of an epic love story.

Dear Jaclyn + Jonathan,
We are so excited to be documenting your love story and first day as husband + wife this October, it is going to be beyond AMAZING, EPIC and GORGEOUS!! Thank you for choosing us as your photogs, y’all are so incredibly sweet and it’s a blessing to get to know y’all. And oh my goodness, the yummy, dewy light we had during your engagement session was so perfect, Brandon and I like to think of it as angels smiling down on y’all!


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