Ulbrich Family Shoot: TWINS

Jessica + Michael… they have our hearts! It was their love story that began our photography business so many years ago. Their wedding was our first. They also became our first maternity shoot with in our wedding couples and then our first family shoot. Words can’t even begin to describe how blessed we have been to grow with this amazing family! Then it happened again, last weekend Jess + Mike became our  first twin shoot. I can’t even y’all! Our little hearts are about to explode with joy. TWINS!

Dear Jess + Mike,
Thank you for taking a chance on us and our business so long ago when we were just starting out! We would not be were we are today without you both. You have been a huge support + cheer team for our business. The beautiful friendship that sprang from documenting your love story is so dear to our hearts and we are forever thankful for it. You are dear friends, amazing parents and a truly beautiful couple and we have been beyond blessed to have y’all in our life! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love y’all!

These two little ones are so laid back they almost slept through the entire shoot. Both of them were sound asleep despite all of us laughing, walking around and posing them. So adorable.

And even while still asleep, a little kiss from daddy had a huge reaction.

A great big joy filled smile.

Little baby girl Josie and baby boy Westley have two older sisters who are so excited to be taking care of them. Big sister Mags (for short) did an amazing job during the session. She also filled in for her big sis Tilly (for short) who was under the weather. And if you have seen past photos you know that Tilly is typically a little ham for photos and never stops smiling.  But Tilly still made our day as she asked Brandon to carry her as we moved round the park, it was so precious.

Every now and then you just have to voice your opinion.

And then all is good!

So much love!


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