March 21, 2018

Family Portraits in Dahlonega, GA : Tardonia Family


Family Portraits In Dahlonega Filled with Love

Family love… within it I see joy, happiness, struggles that have been overcome by strong bonds and the freedom to be who God created you to be.

Watching a family grow is like watching a field of yellow flowers blossom on the mountain top in the warm rays of the sun. Some of the flowers are still tiny little buds and others stand tall in the sun’s beaming light as if watching over the rest of the field. Each one has its own unique look, swagger in the breeze and characteristic yet all from the same family. The vibrant yellow of each petal is a refection of the joy the flowers have inside. It’s breathtaking.

A family in love radiates this same feeling for us. And then to have the blessing of documenting this joy for the world to see is so incredibly humbling. It melts our hearts as artists – melts them into the hands of our creator.

Meet the Tradonia’s… they have this joy and it is so contagious. What beautiful family portraits in Dahlonega!

Family Portraits Dahlonega Bright Airy mother father Family Portraits Dahlonega Sun dress, easter best black and white photo mother father daughter father holds daughter in air family portraits Dahlonega ga lifestyle photographer father smiles at daughter young family portraits mother kisses feet of daughter beautiful redhead mother family portraits family blows dandelions Family Portraits Dahlonega daughter embraces mother and father Family Portraits Dahlonega Father and daughter embrace

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