PEAKS & VALLEYS: Getting Real + Do You Smell Popcorn?

I am just going to get real.

On Saturday we woke up at 5:15 am to capture an engagement shoot at sunrise with the back drop of a gorgeous waterfall. It was absolutely perfect. Alex + Billy were so much fun to work with that morning and we could not imagine a better way to start our day.


Following their shoot the day went extremely well, tasks were being checked off our to-do list almost effortlessly. We finished our workday early and decided to rent a movie at 5 pm in the evening on a Saturday – talk about living wild!! As we cuddled up on the couch with a bowl full of warm salty popcorn that just melted in our mouths and began our movie, it happened. It got real. Our dalmatian blue healer named Tampa decided to stand up right in front of us, stretch her back legs and simultaneously let out an audible dog toot!  For real people.

At first it was quite funny and Tampa even acted embarrassed. But then all laughing came to an abrupt halt as the nose wrenching smell of burnt sewage lit on fire with pure vinegar and acid filled the room. A living room that seconds ago smelled of fresh popcorn now smelled of death. How is it that such a small animal, that you love, can produce such a horrid smell at the most inconvenient time!!??  This leads me to this weeks Peak + Valleys.

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• Dog toots. Need we say more.
• Getting food poisoning from sushi! It WAS my favorite date night dinner, now I can’t even look at it :(
• Wild fires in the forests of our mountains, please pray we will get rain soon.

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Recording an “Our Story” video to be released by January 2017, we are so excited!!
• Finding a vegan ranch dressing recipe by Create Mindfully that taste amazing. We can now enjoy vegan pizza with vegan cheese and dip in vegan ranch dressing as we sit on the couch watching a movie. HEAVEN is the little things:)!
• Decorating our home using all natural elements found right outside in the foothills. We are so in love with nature, yep we are true hippies at heart.
• Forest Gump. Watched it again this week while laying on the couch with a pounding sinus headache caused by the smoke from the forest fire. I must have seen this movie at least 25 times by now, but it still makes me cry every time!

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