November 22, 2016

Taking Advantage of Black Friday for your business


The holidays are here and we are both loving it!! Brandon + I can’t get enough of this time of year, the weather is perfect and we take time off to hang out with our families.  For us, taking time to share love with family is essential. It is in these moments that we renew our creative juices allowing us to come back refreshed and even better at what we do.


With all that in mind, on Black Friday we take a planned 30 min time slot to reel it all back in for a moment and grab a few good deals for our business. I say planned because we like to get this done quickly and efficiently so we can get back to what is ultimately more important then work, being with the people we LOVE.

Lets be honest, when you run your own business getting a phenomenal deal on equipment, software and business supplies means more profit in your pocket, more time to adventure and more time to be with friends + family in the long run. So to us taking advantage of a few Black Friday sales is key. But as I mentioned we plan ahead. So what does that look like.

  1. The week before we sit down an decided what items we need to purchase.
  2. We select the companies we will be purchasing from and save that site link to use on Black Friday
  3. On Black Friday when we first get up we hit the computer to purchase our preselected business items
  4. We then turn off the computer and put it a way!!!

Number 4 is critical because it is so easy to slide down the rabbit hole of Black Friday deals, don’t be a victim. Know what you want, where to buy it, get it then shut her down and proceed to Family Time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!!

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