A Proposal Story in Dahlonega: Hallie + Taylor

The melodic sound of rain dripped to a magical rhythm from the twinkle lights that hung on all the store front windows of Dahlonega. The streets were quiet as the rain fell but the little restaurants and cafes were buzzing with warm conversations, hot coffee and tasty treats. He took her by the hand and ventured into the rain; the cold rain drops lightly sprinkling on their cheeks. They snuggled together and peeked through the window of the chocolate shop. But that was not their destination, Taylor guided Hallie over to the potters shop. As they watched through the window while the potter formed a lump of clay into something beautiful he gave her a big hug and said “I Love You”.

The rain began to fall a little harder and Taylor dropped to one knee. With a soft voice and the deep gaze of love he asked Hallie to be his wife, his forever love.

Both of their families watched it all happen from the balcony just across the street. 

We then stole Hallie + Taylor away for a romantic hour around the square, some warm coffee and time to breathe in deeply the moment that just took place!!


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