May 21, 2019

Blue Mountain Vineyards Engagement Session: Diana + John


This Friday we had the honor of documenting Diana + John’s Blue Mountain Vineyards engagement session. Talk about gorgeous people inside and out! We are so excited for their wedding in December.

They met on Bumble and talked for a few days before actually meeting in person. John , who is a hopeless romantic (LOVE!), made reservations for dinner and arrived at the restaurant 15mins early. Diana arrived right on time and immediately he was floored by how beautiful she was. They were seated right in front of the glass open kitchen, with John facing the kitchen and Diana’s back to it. The first 25min was nothing short of delightful. Conversation sparked and was so good they kept for getting to read the menu so they could order. Smoked brisket was the evening special and as their amazing spark of a conversation carried on the kitchen also had a few sparks happening of it’s own.

John began to notice that the kitchen was becoming quite smoky, but he kept thinking well the special is smoked brisket…maybe that’s normal?! So they conversation rolled on and so did the smoke in the kitchen. A few moments later their waitress came up and said, “I have some awkward news, our kitchen is on fire and we will have to close for the evening”. Immediately Diana turned around to see the kitchen full of smoke and then turned back to John and asked, “where you going to tell me the kitchen was on fire!’.

It is so sweet to watch them tell their first date story, when they get to this point, they both turn to each other and giggle. John says, “In my defense it was smoked brisket for the special”, and then Diana will giggle again because she knows he was so into her he was not going to let a fire ruin the perfectness of their first date.

John and Diana ended up heading a few doors down to another amazing restaurant on the beltline. The conversation when on for another 2.5 hrs and the ended their first date with a kiss! From there on it has been sparks ever since! (LOL see what I did there)

We did their engagement session at Blue Mountain Vineyards here in Dahlonega. As the session unfolded one the the vineyard pups, Lemon, decided to come lay at their feet as if she was a little model. Precious!

John + Diana brought a little bubbly to celebrate!

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