October 28, 2016

Coffee Meets Bagel Atlanta Engagement Shoot: Meredith + Chris


Coffee meets bagel…  Walking into a bagel shop, watching a hot toasty bagel come out of the oven. You grab your delicious warm bagel smother it with rich cream cheese and sip on a hot coffee with smooth caramel creamer.  I mean Seriously how perfect! This perfect analogy is what brought Meredith + Chris together and began their love story. No, they did not actually meet for coffee + a bagel but they did meet on the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel and from there coffee meets bagel turned into a first date at Red Hare Brewing.

Picture this (pun intended:) He was running an hour late but texting her non-stop with apologies and photos to share why he was late. She wondered, “is this really worth waiting for“. And as an hour drew near and her patience was about to run out, fate kicked in and Chris walked through the door. He charm Meredith off her feet, so truth be told patience really is a virtue that can lead to love.

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