Dahlonega Engagement Session: Haley + Kyle

Tissue Warning!

The story really begins with Haley’s father and his unending love for his little girl. It was just over 4 years ago when Haley’s father left this world to join the unending Glory of God and the sweet voices of angels in heaven. However, he left a little something behind for Haley, he repeated to her several times. “I will send you the perfect man.” At the time Haley smiled and kinda of responded with a, sure you will dad. After grasping her fathers hand for one last time she was faced with the journey of moving forward with a life that looked so different.  As time passed the words “I will send you the perfect man.” faded into the background.

But then 2 years later on the anniversary of her dad passing she met Kyle at med school. He was smitten with her immediately but Haley tried to avoid him.  Her life was moving fast as she was working towards her RN and making time for a relationship was not necessarily in the plans. But, Kyle persisted. She finally agreed to a date. They went out for some yummy sushi but Kyle seemed to be making jokes the entire time which left Haley thinking, this may not be a fit. She was ready to move on but Kyle’s persistence got her to except a second date. He wanted a chance to make up for the first one.

The second date was perfect! Haley’s heart began to warm and the sparks of love developed over the next 14 months. That’s when the words her father said came back into her mind, “I will send you the perfect man.”. It all began to make sense. They met on the 2 year anniversary of her dad passing and then Kyle just so happened to by her engagement ring on that same anniversary another 2 years later without even realizing it.

A fathers love is never-ending!

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