Dahlonega, Georgia Water Fall Engagement Shoot: Katy + Alex

This past weekend we took light hiked into a gorgeous waterfall for Katy + Alex’s engagement shoot. We captured moments of their story which authentically reflected the truest part of who they are, their emotion and their love. Between the epic sound of the waterfall, their little cozy fire and yummy chocolate s’mores we thought… could this get any better.

Then it did!

Following the shoot Alex wrote and adorable post about Katy and it melted our hearts so we had to share it with you.

Katy Tardell came into my life in the beginning of a transformation. I was living life a whole lot closer to the edge. Being a younger sheepdog I just wanted to hunt down the next adventure. Didn’t have much time to think about the future, much less God or anything else. 

God put this Angel into my life right as I started this new path. 

She’s not what you would expect from your typical Georgia peach. She’s not a country girl, ( I think she can’t stand the music but she says that’s not true) she hates my Stetson when I wear it and won’t go to a country bar with me. But you know what ? That’s okay. 

She goes to Church with me. Puts up with all my quirks and downfalls as she is there to help catch me when I fall just as I am for her if she does. 

Katy is not typical at all. The smartest woman I know and I thank God every day for her. I wouldn’t have become the man I am today without her. 

I cant believe we’re less then a month from becoming husband and wife. 

I love you! You’re still my ginger Georgia peach. Looking forward to Years about arguing on what to listen on car rides and what to do Friday nights.”

Alex & Katy Waterfall Engagement from Horn Photography & Design on Vimeo.

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