Dancing In The Rain Engagement Session: Kim + Jeff

This weekend was full of beautiful surprises. One of those surprises was rain with blue sunny skies at the end of Kim + Jeffs gorgeous engagement session. But once you meet Kim, you know that nothing can get her beautiful, playful spirit down. She looked a Jeff with a big smile and asked it he would be willing to dance in the rain.

Jeff said yes, grab Kims hand and whisked her into the rain at the very spot were the sun was still shining through the trees. It was beyond magical!

But… before the surprise rain shower graced them with it’s beckoning to adventure and play, Kim + Jeff enjoyed the serenity of our little mountain town of Dahlonega. Strolling from the lush green lawn of UNG to the charming, old-fashioned bakery & cafe – Picnic cafe – these two amazing humans seemed to move through time simply on love along.

Cookies and iced coffee brought a sweetness to their lips and a yummy to their tummy. It also Brough pure delightfulness to their photos. LOVELOVELOVE!

As we headed out of the cafe and into the little down town streets the sun was warm surrounded by blue Skys. Just after Kim + Jeff crossed over the cross walk that is when it happened. In the middle of sunshine it began to pour. Big drops of rain glistening with the sun hit the brick sidewalks with a tapping so loud all they could hear was the beating of their own two hearts.

So they danced!

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