June 10, 2021

Foggy Mountain Engagement Session Dahlonega Georgia: Sarah + William


Sarah + William chose to do an 8am engagement session here in Dahlonega. God spoiled all of us with a beautiful and epic foggy morning!

These two amazing souls met 4 years ago at at Covercrest Retreat and then re-met again a few years at a Hidden Lake retreat while Willam was a youth minister. Also, it just so happened that Sarah was already friends with his sister, so when she found out he was there for the weekend she popped by to say hello. The rest of the retreat William found himself looking for Sarah, she had definitely captivated his heart. This past September they went on their first date and knew right away God had plans for their life. This September, a year later, they will be exchanging their vows at St. Luke and entering into the beautiful sacrament of marriage. We are so excited fo them!

Dear Sarah + William,
Spending the morning with y’all on your engagement session was absolutely wonderful. To see the way you both love and your deep faith is beyond beautiful and points so clearly to our Lord. We are so excited for your wedding day and all the gifts, works and wonders of the Holy Spirit that will be present and overflowing.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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  1. William G says:

    Holy moly these are so great! Thank y’all so much!

  2. hornpd says:

    Thank you so much William is was an honor and a joy!

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