Lake Lanier Engagement Session: Tiffany + Brent

This past weekend we set sail with Tiffany and Brent aboard their boat with champagne bubbles + lots of laughter and love!

Tiffany + Brent met while going out for drinks after work with coworkers. As fait would have it they both work for State Farm and had a friend in common.

For fun, like a good neighbor, their friend ordered a round of fireball shots to celebrate all the amazing work they had accomplished. But right off the bat Brent know it was not real fireball, which caught Tiffany’s attention. A man who is not easy fooled sparked interest.

The night went on with fun conversation, witty banter and lots of laughs. The one thing Brent is best at is making Tiffany laugh!

It wasn’t long before Bent asked Tiffany out for dinner and their first date.

From the date on they have been a perfect match.

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