October 21, 2020

Mount Yonah Fall Engagement Session, Cleveland GA: Amber + Kraig


Magic, fall, laughter and a golden sunset made up the most beautiful engagement session with Amber + Kraig.

Amber + Kraig met at college in Wisconsin and with both of them being in sports they lived in the same dorm freshman year. They knew who the other was but had not officially met quite yet. It was not until the spring of their Sophomore year when fait brought them together… oh and a party at Kraig’s house.

The moment their eyes met at the party the spark of interest was ignited, after all as the saying goes “spring is the season of love”. These two beautiful souls ended up talking all day and then when to church together the very next day! LOVELOVELOVE

A few weeks after they began dating amber attended another party at Kraig’s house, this one included both his parents and his sister. That is when they both realized this was something more, something worth hanging onto for a life time.

We are so excited for their gorgeous wedding day taking place in spring May of 2021!

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  1. CJ says:

    Really great photos! I love the scenery and the lighting.

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