June 12, 2020

Piedmont Park Champagne Engagement Session ATL: Nicole + Logan


When you meet two people who are perfect for each other you just know! Those two people are Nicole + Logan, they are a perfect match and make an incredibly adorable couple.

They met when she was 16 he was 17. Mutual friends of theirs were dating and encouraged both Nicole + Logan to skip youth group and go to Waffle House where they were meeting to hang out. Reluctantly they both said yes having no idea they were about to meet for the first time.

God makes good out of all things, even skipping youth group when your not supposed too!

That night also happened to be the snow apocalypse of 2011. Their friends who were dating at the time ended up getting in a little tiff and Nicole was pulled away by her best-friend. But that did not stop Logan. He looked her up on FB and sent a friend request. They started talking and a beautiful friendship formed.

Because they were such good friends Nicole invited Logan over, but little did he know he would be meeting her whole family. Nicole thought nothing of it because they were just friends, however to Logan it was a big surprise. they went out bowling with friend one evening and Nicoles besty talked her into kissing Logan (obviously her best friend knew how much Logan liked Nicole). From that kiss on they began dating and have been dating for 8 years. This October they will become husband + wife!

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