Ponce City Market Engagement Shoot Atlanta Georgia: Emily + Joseph James

God is in every crevice of the hearts of Emily + James. You can see it in their joy, laughter and even more deeply in the love they share. See God has played a huge role in their meeting + falling in love. It all began 6 months before they met.

Unbeknownst to James, six months before he met Emily, God had placed it on her heart that she would meet her soul mate in exactly 6 months. At the time she replied to God in a way a lot of us respond, something kinda like… yea probably not, 6 months is not the best timing for me. But as we all know, Gods timing is perfect.

Emily headed off to serve at a Passion Service. She was in the volunteering section and had some alone time to just sit and reflect on life, God + the direction she was heading. James too was serving and walked into the volunteering area and saw her there. All he knew at the time was that she was stunning! There was something different about her, something that drew his world into a magnetic orbit around hers. So he walked over an introduced himself. Emily, however, just wanted some alone time and made this clear to him. BUT, James kept right on talking, which turned into coffee later that week. Then coffee turned into dinner and their love story began. And guess what… the day Emily met James was 6 months to the date that God placed it on her heart that she would meet her soul mate.


Oh and P.S. – Check out their engagement video at the end of the post!

Emily + James Atlanta Engagement from Horn Photography & Design on Vimeo.

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