June 3, 2020

Spring Waterfall Engagement Session: Shelby + Will


The last few days of spring are here and we enjoyed it with Shelby + Will on a gorgeous waterfall engagement session in the Appalachian Mountains. Everything about their session was magical, majestic, peace filled and full of love.

Shelby and Will have been in and out of each others lives since 6th grade without even knowing it. If it was not for photos they would have never known they went to the same middle school. True story. Thanks to their year book they found out they were in the same 6th grade class but never remembered meeting each other. And then life split them apart as they attended separate high-schools.

Next came college where these two beautiful souls ended up at the same place once again with their paths crossing so very close yet never meeting. They even have one photo from college they are both with a large group of friends.

It makes one wonder how many people will end up in our lives with paths that ran so close to our own yet never crossed.

Mid way through college Shelby moved to Japan to study abroad, it seemed as if their hearts would never meet. It was not until 2017 after college had come to and end when they both went to the ATL/New England Super Bowl. In a place filled with countless amounts of people they finally met face to face for the first time.

Loves spark ignited and they have been together every since!

Dear Shelby + Will,
We are so excited for your gorgeous wedding day in April 2021, we have know doubt it will be beyond amazing! Thank you for choosing us to document your love story. Your love is increasable and to see the beauty it holds is a treasure.

Much Love,
The Horns

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