September 9, 2020

Wolf Mountain Vineyard Engagement Session: Kristen + Philip


You know that feeling you get when you’re around two hearts that are just meant to be together. It’s the feeling of everything is right with the world, even if the world is in chaos. It’s a feeling full of goodness, happiness and joy. As if you could fall back into a giant cloud nestled in the pure blue sky above the mountain peaks and it would embrace you perfectly. That’s the feeling we got being around Kristen + Philip during their Wolf Mountain Vineyard Engagement shoot.

These two brilliant souls first met at work, both of them are accountants and found they had very long intense hours of non stop numbers in common. They started off as friends actually working several of those long days together. As time when on that friendship began to grow into something more. They found themselves more and more excited to work long hours since the other would be there too.

In a little less than a year from becoming friends they decided to start dating. Four years later at Rocky Mountain National Park he proposed!

Proposal Story

The proposal took place just a few weeks ago. The day all began with a 5 mile hike into the woods. Colorado was at its peak of beauty. Deep greens, the fresh smell of fall blooming, wild flowers in the alpine tundra, the birds singing and the sun peaking through canopy tops. This is God’s perfection. They came up to a river and stopped to enjoy a lunch they had packed for the hike. Philip also brought with them a camera and tripod, he said it was so they could get some great photos while they were on the hike.

He set up his tripod + camera to “test it out” but actually set the camera to video. He then walked over, knelt down on one knee and asked Kristen to marry him! Obviously she said yes!!

In June of 2021 they will become husband + wife!! We are so excited for their wedding day! This Wolf Mountain Vineyard engagement shoot was just merely a glimpse into their love story.

Dear Kristen + Philip,
We are so excited for your wedding day, it is going to be so beautiful. Thank you again for choosing us as your photographers to document all the goodness that will overflow! Cheers to so many amazing days between now and then, may this season of planning be filled with love, excitement and unending joy!

The Horns

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