Yonah Mountain Engagement Session: Lauren + Josiah

They danced in the sun, kissed in the vines and played with their pup in the grass. Love was everywhere this weekend as we documented Lauren + Josiah’s engagement session at Yonah Mountain Vineyards.

They met their freshman year of college at Dunkin’ Donuts where she worked with 2 of his friends. Coming through the drive through he saw her for the first time. He was smitten at first sight. That evening she was the only thing on his mind. So much so he could not stop asking his friends all about her.

So… like good frat bothers, his friends invited her to one of their hangouts. She walked in with a big beautiful smile and immediately he saw her. As his heart skipped a beat he stood up and shook her hand.

He asked for her number and called her the very next day to ask her out on their first date. Now 4 and a half years later he is asking her to be his wife!

In October they will become husband + wife!

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