June 22, 2017

We Are On The 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse

Smoothie Cleanse FigsWe have committed ourselves to The 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith!

Yep you read that correctly. This morning makes day #5… only 5 more days to go!! Alleluia

So why the heck do we “torture” ourselves like this?!?!? I was asking myself that question by day 2. However, in all honesty it really hasn’t been too bad, a little uncomfortable at times, but thats about it. The why is because we both wanted to fully cleanse our systems and basically hit reset.

About a year and a half ago I was forced to do a smoothie cleanse due to becoming allergic to milk protein – my stomach was completely swollen and I couldn’t eat anything else. The cleanse worked beautifully. My stomach returned to normal and all my symptoms were gone. And a bonus was I lost about 12 pounds + felt amazing.

With the above past experience we decided to do a cleanse together. (It is so much better when you do it with someone else.) Even though we eat a plant powered diet (90% plants 10% meet) we have found ourselves eating things that are not the best for us… coconut ice-cream, vegan pizza, homemade vegan cookies, veggie loaded baked potatoes topped with vegan sour cream – you get the picture. We needed to reel it in.

If you would like a day by day update of the cleanse follow us on Instagram @hornpd https://www.instagram.com/hornpd and watch our story. I have shared how we had been feeling along the way.  The last day of the cleanse we will do a blog post sharing the entire day to day journey.


Since you like hearing about the Horn’s healthy lifestyle and how we live read more here.

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