October 9, 2015

Organic Fall Explosion In Our Home

Living in the small town of Dahlonega GA is absolutely delightful. The springs here are fresh + new with life budding all around, the summers are warm + yellow and the winters are a crisp white. But the fall… the fall is filled with brilliant radiant color of reds, oranges, greens and golds. By far my most favorite time of year. It has been 16 years since I have seen the leaves change (due to living in FL), way to long if you as me;) I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to walk the dogs in the cool air while watching the leaves gently fall from the trees coasting ever so softly to the ground. Its like fairy dust falling all around us.

With the fall season gracefully emerging I decided to do some fall decorating. At first I took off to the boutiques to do some shopping but then it hit me, why would I buy fall leaves, pinecones and acorns when I live in a forest full of them?! So I settled for a few bags of pumpkins, large and small, and headed home to do some all organic decorating. I went a little crazy and collected baskets full of pinecones, acorns, tree limps, and bush clippings. Our house now looks like HomeGoods exploded and all done by hand with what nature provided.

Horn Photography & Design Fall-009

The wreath I created with tree limbs, bush trimmings, pinecones and a few yellow flowers I collect outside.

Horn Photography & Design Fall-002

Oh I also used a bag of apples to decorate with as well. And I lovelovelove white pumpkins.

Horn Photography & Design Fall-001Horn Photography & Design Fall-005 I used hemp rope to string the pinecones and hung them above both fire place.

Horn Photography & Design Fall-013Horn Photography & Design Fall-006Horn Photography & Design Fall-010 Happy Fall!!!!!

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