Happy New Years Eve!! Brandon and I can’t hardly believe how fast this year has come and gone and all the new journey + adventures it has brought our way. The biggest adventure, hands down, has been moving to the North Georgia Mountains and now calling Dahlonega Georgia home. We absolutely love it here with the gorgeous mountain views, warm breezy summers, vibrant colored cozy falls, chilly crisp winters and glories springs that unveil beautiful wild flowers all around us. Life is very blessed and we love what we do.

If you have been following the blog for a while you know that each year we do a behind the scenes year in review. If your new to the blog, this is one of my favorite post to write. Our behind the scenes look shows us at our craziest, corniest, and all out worst moments… once you see the faces we make in some of these photos you will understand why I use the word worst:) So here it is, us doing what we love for people who are in love! Enjoy…

I figured I would start off with one of Brandon’s famous wedding selfies.

Horn Photography + Desing tiftom-003

Seriously… my legs look chopped off in this tall grass like a bad photoshop job… but no thats me, I am just that short.

Horn Photography & Design A+S-001Speaking of short, this is how I compensate. Where there is a will there is a way.

Horn Photography + Desing Racand-003Another Brandon wedding selfie.

Horn Photography & Design A+S-002Anytime we do an engagement shoot at a park there is bound to be a playground and my crazy husband will find it before the shoot is over. The T-Rex does not stand a chance.

Horn Photography & Design Brandon Dinisor-001As every girl knows, the shoes can make or break the photo.

Horn Photography & Design Shell Behinf TifTom-001Even loaded down with gear he still stops to help the guys put on their boutonnières.

Horn Photography & Design branman-001Don’t mind me, I am just creeping in for the perfect shot.

Horn Photography & Design A+S-004You may be seeing a trend here, Brandon is always well dressed and carries most of our equipment.

Horn Photography & Design branman-004Oh this is the look on my face when Brandon is checking lighting and I am in “creative thinking” mode before the shoot begins. The eyebrow up always happens when I am thinking creatively.
Horn Photography & Design Andste-001I love his attention to detail.

Horn Photography & Design Karren Wed Behind-002I can see the light… it looks like heaven is just a step away behind this wedding dress and my arm is already there.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-001You know it, another selfie, man the stash is really on point in this one! It could poke an eye out.

Horn Photography & Design Karjoe-722No bag left behind, if you catch my drift.

Horn Photography & Design branman-003

This photo of me heading up the stairs to the bridal sweet just fills me with creative happiness. I know its a simple shot but just so timeless.

Horn Photography & Design EmDal-109

The red beard in the background, tie undone, top two shirt buttons open and laughing hysterically while holding the groom up so we could all see his cut socks is my husband. This was the last photo of the night as we shot the wedding of our sister Erin. Well technically Erin is Brandon’s sister, my sister-in-law, but I love her and her new hubby David so mush that to me they are kin.

Horn Photography & Design Erdav-593There I am again sneaking up for the perfect shot of the first dance. It takes three to tango I always say.

Horn Photography + Desing last-002You could say that sometimes we have a bit of friendly competition for the perfect shot at the weddings.

Horn Photography + Desing last-003My best creeper photo of Brandon to date.

Horn Photography + Desing Rosie + Tyler-1174At every wedding there is a moment when I breakout in the kind of laughter that makes your eyes tear up, stomach hurt and knees buckle. This is that moment caught forever in a photograph. Some people say they are ugly cryers, but I would have to say that I am not a very attractive laugher, when its the full out gut busting laugh, as you can see here. the proof is in the photo.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-004I had to share this photo from Katie + Tony’s wedding day. I posed Katie for a photo and then from the corner of my eye I caught Tony pulling out his cell phone, behind the scenes, to get a pic of his gorgeous bride. I have to admit she does look absolutely epic in this pose.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-005I never let my hight get me down, I just borrow Brandon’s shoulders instead.

Horn Photography-Design us-002

Loving the perks of being a wedding photographer, you get to drive a gulf cart at country club wedding venues. I guess you could call this a to-go selfie.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-007Often times I will be lined up for the perfect shot and then he pops in to grab a detail photo, but at least he keeps it classy with his stylish socks

Horn Photography + Desing tiftom-004

When the groom is fully suspended in the air by his groomsmen, has to retrieve the garter using only his teeth I jump right into the craziness allowing me to capture the unforgettable look of the brides face.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-008I usually set up all the wedding party poses.

Horn Photography + Desing tiftom-002And at times I have to set up the shot while simultaneously making sure the groom does not see his bride and the two flower girls look adorably posed.

Horn Photography + Desing bloopers-002

Brandon Selfie…

Horn Photography + Desing Rosie + Tyler-516My three favorite things, a couple in love, my rain hat and my leather backpack.

Horn Photography + Desing Racand-001The gift of capturing a persons true beautiful + soul is something we will never take for granted.

Horn Photography & Design Shell Behinf TifTom-002To all our beautiful and amazing 2015 clients…we Thank You from the top to the bottom of our hearts. It is your love, joy and radiance that inspires us + unlocks our creativity. There is no way we could do what we love without you! You have forever impacted our life and our journey. Your faith in our ability to document your love story can only be dimmed by our sincere appreciation. Cheers to 2016!

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