November 25, 2016

GLORY STORIES: Honeymoon Humming Bird

So the other day we were sitting in the office, I was editing photos and Brandon was working on next years budget. Our Jambox was cranking out the tunes and the warm sunshine was flooding in through our huge office window. A very good day to say the least when all of a sudden we heard a bang on our glass front door and the dogs started going crazy. We looked out side and no one was there so Brandon got up to see what the heck was going on. Then I hear him say “Oh my goodness Shell you have to come see this!“. As I got to the door there she was, a tiny little golden finch just sitting at the foot of the door. Apparently she flew right into the glass and stunned herself. So I ran out our side door, around the house and strait to her.

Nothing was on my mind except for picking her up and comforting her. So thats what I did. For about 5 minutes she cuddled into my warm hands until she came out of her daze.  Then as if nothing had happen she looked at me, shook her little feathers and flew off to the trees and continued flying around happy as could be. Those moments make me SOOOOOO HAPPY!


This little incident reminded me of the tiny little humming bird Brandon and I encountered on our honeymoon 7 years ago. We were about 2 days into our honeymoon staying at a gorgeous cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We chose the mountains because at the time we lived in Florida and going to a tropical island was no different then what we called home everyday. As we sat on the huge wraparound porch eating a decadent brunch and listening to the river run by, a tiny little humming bird flew right up to us. It’s wings were so fast you could hardly see them, it looked like just a little itty-bitty bird body suspended in mid air.  As we listened close we could hear the wings creating a soft humming noise with lighting speed. Neither of us had ever seen a hummingbird in real life before. Just its design seemed to be a little miracle in and of itsself.

We glanced at each other an giggled a bit, I said, “what a sweet gift from God on our honeymoon“. As we sat in Awe like little kids watching a Disney movie, this little bird flew in a  flight pattern that looked like the sign of the cross.

Could this be for real!

Seconds after, it flew away, leaving us with a incredible feeling of comfort and peace. For us it was a little sign from God (pun intended). A sign that he would be with us on this amazing journey of marriage every step of the way.

Our prayer for you it that God will give you a little sign of His love today.

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