September 29, 2016

Glory Stories: Meatball in your pockets

When I was asked to share a glory story, I had to rack my brain.  While it might be easy to say there are many things that God has done in my life, and plenty of funny things that have happened too, it was tough to chalk it up to a full glory story.

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So here is my first one, (hopefully of many, depending on the comments received).  For those that don’t know, I was raised as a Catholic in southern Georgia. My parents were both transplants from the north.  Its a unique thing being Catholic to say the least.  We were never the family that shoved it down other people’s throats or anything. We would say our prayers before meals and before my parents would tuck me and my 3 siblings into bed. Our family was pretty well known in our little community because of our obnoxiously bright red hair, all except me.  I mean seriously, I looked like the chubby little blonde headed adopted problem child with a bowl cut.  Really mom, dad you set me up for some sweet ridicule from my siblings.

Ok so thats just to set the stage. One day my parents were helping clean up at church after Mass. I being a goodie goodie helped them.  They assigned me to fill these shiny dishes with little round snacks (these ended up being unconsecrated hosts). These little snacks would come in a sleeve like ritz crackers.  I don’t know if it was because I was perpetually hungry, being a little “meatball” as they called me, or if I was trying to be really holy. But I would sneak a few of the extra hosts into my pockets, alright lets be honest it was like 10-20 of these puppies.

With pockets full, I would tell my parents I was finished, ask my pops for the keys to the car and go out to sit in the back seat.  I would then take all the unconsecrated hosts out of my pockets and eat them.  But I would of course make the Sign of the Cross before each one and say “Amen” after eating each one.  If my parents came out almost catching me I would scarf them all down really quick and give a resounding “aah-men” with a full mouth. To this day I still don’t know if my parents ever caught me or knew what this little “meatball” was doing at the time but fast forward 18 years I became a youth minister for the Catholic church. HAHAHAHA! It became my job to tach kids of all ages what those hosts really meant. God sure does have a funny way of bringing things full circle.

(formally knows as Meatball)

Brandon Horn

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