July 23, 2016

GLORY STORIES: The Flower God Used To Call Us To Marriage

The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and you could see heat waves rising off the black top of my apartment complex parking lot. A typical hot summer day in Florida and laundry day for me.  As I walked out of my door and began to head to my car I saw the words “I LOVE YOU” still written on my back window with white window paint. The day before Brandon had snuck up to my work, wrote “I LOVE YOU” on my car and left a little flower tucked in my windshield wipers. He was always surprising me that way… so adorable!

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As I set my laundry in the back seat I could see the little flower still sitting by my radio. I sat in my front seat turned on the AC and took a moment to enjoy the sweet smell of this tiny little flower. I began to pull away and all I could think was, “God I don’t deserve a man like this. He deserves someone much better them me.” I began to pull out of the parking lot. I rolled down my window, breathed in deeply the aroma of that tiny flower one last time and as I threw the flower out of the car window I said, “if you let it go and it comes back to you its meant to be”.

That day I was going to break up with Brandon because I felt like he could do so much better then me.

As I arrived to the laundry mat I opened the back door and sitting on the top of my laundry basket full of clothes was that tiny little flower! Out loud I said, “Get out of town God!” ThenI realized that about 4 people in the parking lot had stopped to look at me, wondering if I was crazy or not.

Needless to say I took that as a sign from God that I was called to marry this man one day. That was 8 beautiful years ago and I could not imagine my life without him. And I keep this little flower pressed in our memory book. 

God is Good ALL THE TIME! 

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