Happy Birthday Brandon

It’s you… your big red beard and blond hair. Your oh so tight bear hugs, hilarious jokes (and dorky jokes too), inviting smile, strong arms and manly beard oil sent you have hand crafted. Beyond that it is your open heart dedicated to Christ, strength to be humble, willingness to sacrifice your life for me + others and your deep compassion for giving love. To me you are the true definition of what a man is called to be.

Horn Photography + Desing Christmas-007

So many years ago you walked me into St. Cecelia’s Church at 9:30 in the evening after a core meeting. It was our one year anniversary of dating. The church was silent and dark with one beautiful light glowing above the tabernacle. As we approached a gorgeous array of flowers + golden fabric adorn the sanctuary. We knelt to pray and worship to celebrate our one year anniversary of dating. After some time of  beautiful prayer together you sang me our song. It was you, I and Christ along with the saints and angels in the church, your strong voice filled the walls echoing to the ceiling and back. Joy was all around us as we were encompassed with the Holy Spirit. As we began to clean up you knelt on one knee and asked me to marry you!! From that day forth I have been blessed beyond belief… for from the day that God created you, he created a great gift that I am and will always be thankful for.

Happy Birthday My Love!

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