Happy Birthday, Brandon

My Dearest Darling Brandon,

Darling is the yummy word which slips off my tongue this year to describe you.  Everything that goes with this word emphasizes my feelings for you… adored, loved, beloved, cherished, treasured and esteemed – the perfect sentiments which beat from my heart.

I wish I could list every little thing about you that makes me happy and every emotion you send dancing through my soul. I would start with the way you make breakfast every morning while still in your PJ’s and dancing to songs that have gotten stuck in your head from the day before. Then daydream about the way you always sneak up from behind me while I’m cleaning the kitchen, wrap your arms around me, kiss me on my cheek and whisper I love you in my ear. I would reminisce about the countless times you have led praise and worship… your heart set ablaze with the Holy Spirit and a contagious joy flowing from you.

I would write about the way you step into the sun each day and a deep smile comes over your face as its warmth wraps around your skin. You never fail to say how good the sun feels. I would include the way you always cross your ankles when sitting down; just like in your parents old home videos of when you were a baby. Oh and I would have to include how you always give me your arm (like a 1920’s gentleman) when we are enjoying a festival or strolling through art show so I can look around without running into anyone, falling over or getting lost. You keep me safe.

Gosh I could write forever about how much you mean to me and every little detail about you that makes you such an amazing Man.  A man who is so full of authentic kindness, love and courage. I could write for days, months and years but a last I could never sum it all up into words. So I will simply say, I love you.




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