Happy Birthday Mom

My beautiful mother…your are classy, sassy, opinionated, funny, a trouble maker at times, loving, concerned about your babies (and believe me we will always be her babies), smart, quite, shy and very family oriented. But the trait you have really grown into over the past few years is humility and it is by far one of your most beautiful traits that I too hope to embody one day. You have taught me to keep a clean + tidy home, to take care of my family, but most of all to stay strong during life up and downs. To always find a way to make it work no mater what life throws your way.

Whizz-007Over the years I have had the blessing of watching you dive into your faith and fall in love with the lord. You are my role model and light when times are tough. Thank you for being amazing, God blessed me abundantly when he chose you to be my mother. I love you with all my heart.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Cheers to many many more.



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