December 23, 2016

I Can’t See the Future

Dear Michelle,
As I sit next to you today I am reminded how blessed I am to do this every day; to sit in your presence. The very fact that I get to be here because of all your efforts over the past 6 years making a place for me is awe inspiring. I am so excited that we are here. Every day I see you and fall more in love with you, even if you are still wearing pj’s at 3pm; heck so am I. Making this leap has honestly been one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. I just didn’t know if we would make it or will make it, yet anytime I doubt, you come in with strength to reassure me and inspire me to become the man you know is inside.
Each day as I get to make meals, clean up from them, do chores, run errands, edit, work on finances, and the many other random not so glorifying tasks, I count my blessings for where I am today and the Joy and Happiness I have because of your trust and knowing that God would take care of us when I came full-time. I wouldn’t want any other life than this one.

I don’t often look forward and dream about much in the future because I am just so enthralled with TODAY WITH YOU! You make each day so much better, and for that I fall in love with you more every day.

Your Husband 

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