January 10, 2018

Brandon’s New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

What are my New Year’s Resolutions? I have to be honest, I, Brandon don’t usually get into making commitments that are vague or unmeasurable. So when it comes to New Years resolutions I have to think logically, something that can be measured. I am not a big fan of just making some blanket statement, “I’m going to workout more” for example.  I mean seriously that could be just doing 10 pushups over the course of a full year.  Rather I try to be concrete with my ideas and give them something to be able to actually measure as a goal.

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This year of 2018 I wanted to focus on a few things and as simple as they are I wanted to make them obtainable but yet something to still strive to do.  Some of my items are things that maybe I used to do more often or better and have fallen away from the habit of and some of the resolutions are brand new things for me.

New Year’s Resolution List

  1. Cultivate real meaningful relationships with friends by weekly asking their needs in prayer (then actually praying for them) and hanging out at least once a month with a local friend.
  2. Make 4 new friends.
  3. Plant an edible garden enough for at least 10 meals.
  4. Attend a Diaconate discernment retreat.
  5. Go camping at least 4 weekends.
  6. Have quality worship time with playing the guitar at least twice a month.
  7. Take my wife out on at least 2 dates a month.
  8. Teach a photography class to locals.
  9. Edit more efficiently so as to enable Michelle to focus on other projects. (This means take on more than 50% of the photo editing.)
  10. Declutter my life by selling or donating items that we just don’t use anymore.

There you have it; my top 10 things that I will strive to work on this great year of 2018.  What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018? Can you make them measurable? I’ll be honest sometimes it is a little harder to make it something that can be measured but it is totally worth it. I pray that your 2018 is as beautiful and blessed as ours is.

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