Our Biggest Weakness Can Be Our Greatest Strength

I am 5’3 and a half (I always through in that half;)… basically tiny. I sometimes think this is weakness as I can never see the band at a concert unless I’m in the first 3 rows, buying items on the top shelf at the grocery store is pretty much impossible, we have three step stools in our home so I can reach things and my tiptoes are usually required to kiss my hubby.
Horn Photography-Design us-002However, as I grow in experiences + humility I have come to realize that my biggest weaknesses our my greatest strengths. Each weakness gives me the opportunity to think outside of the box, solve a challenge and uniquely define who I am in the eyes of Christ.  So if we take my hight for example, what I thought was a weakness has been a strength – here is how:

*It allows me to have prime seating at my favorite concerts and I fit in an airplane seat comfortably.

*Not being able to reach items on the top-shelf at the grocery store has taught me to ask for help without embarrassment, rather with hope + sincerity. It has also allowed me to meet some amazing people I would have most like never meet any other way.

*When people ask me how I keep the cellulite off my legs I tell them is from using a step stool 20 times a day, a built in workout.  

*Brandon loves the fact that when we hugs me I fit under his chin perfectly and he adores the way I stand on my tip toes to kiss him. Plus its uber cute when he bends down to snuggle me, I feel wrapped in love. 

*But most of all its benefited me in my business and sharing love through my business.
– When I need height for a shot it gives me the challenge of being more creative and capturing a photo more beautiful then I had originally thought of. 
– When a client is focused on a weakness they perceive having, it gives me the ability to empathize with them, reveal one of my weaknesses and help them turn what they see as their weakness into a strength.
– It allows me to be playful, relaxed, calm and confident in my perfect flaws. To embrace who I am and in turn embrace who others are without judgement. 

Next time you think you are weak or have a weakness think outside the box and turn it into your greatest strength. Stay positive and stay fabulous!

Love, Michelle

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