Our Story

We open the door and there they are, an adorable couple who is beyond excited for their wedding day. As they walk through the french doors of our bright white studio with white-washed vintage brick we can see their excitement and their nervousness. Love fills our studio and a story only made for the two of them is revealed. We notice how she looks at him and how he holds her hand gently yet firm so she feel safe. When he shares something wildly funny about their love story her nose crinkles with joy and her beautiful laughter fills the air. THIS – their story makes all the difference. 

After the laughter settles and a peace falls over the studio our couples look to us to share our story with them. For the past 7 years we have been sharing our story within 4 walls over a good glass of wine, fine cheeses and delicious chocolates during our couples wedding consultation. It’s a somewhat delicate story, one that sometimes causes people to tear up, so until now we were not quite sure just how to share it. But thanks to Ben Grant, our new cinematic team member, our story is finally out there for all to see.

Here is our story… our hearts

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