Safe Haven Vacation + Huge Nicolas Sparks Fan

It’s true, I have the best husband ever. He watches chick flicks with me without complaining (to much), he buys me flowers, surprises me with chocolates and makes breakfast every morning. He is pretty AMAZING and I know I don’t tell him that nearly enough. And on top of all this last week he went above and beyond and agreed to travel to the coast of North Carolina with me for little needed R & R. Southport to be exact, the place where the movie Safe Haven was filmed. A Nicolas Sparks novel come to life!

So we packed up our teardrop and hit the road… or should I say water? 

After a beautiful 2hr drive through our North Georgia Mountains we came to the Georgia/South Carolina boarder and beautiful Lake Heartwell where we stayed for the first night.

IMG_8141-2The next morning we continued our drive to North Carolina for some much needed vitamin Sea! But to get there we needed to take the Southport Ferry. Very first ferry ride with our car, and of corse my dream car was exiting the ferry as we were getting on.

Dear VW bus,
Oh how I dream of you! One day One day.
Love Me

Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-001A little ocean viewing while on board.

Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-003Plus checking out the lounge.

Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-006Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-004Arriving at Southport was so perfect, the super cute quaint little town did not disappoint. It is just as adorable as the movie depicted. A tiny fishing town on the ocean with locals that are sweet, welcoming and kind.

Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-007We stopped by the Old American Fish Company which was the little restaurant in the movie where several of the “falling in love” sense took place.

Horn Photography & Design southport-001In the movie it was call Ivan’s.

Horn Photography & Design southport-002After exploring all around Southport and checking out the local cuisine we headed to North Carolina Beach for a few days, just across the intracoastal from Southport.

Horn Photography & Design southport2-001
Horn Photography & Design vaca-001The next few days were very breeze, perfect for windsurfing!

Horn Photography & Design vaca-004Our last and final day we travel through Wilmington North Carolin, which I fell in love with too. Southern charm has my heart. But my mission there was to stop by the Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary. We love exploring beautiful churches and since my father was diagnosed with Cancer my mission has been to say a Hail Mary in as may churches across the U.S. as I can.

Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-010Horn Photography & Design vaca southport-009The perfect vacation on the sea. But I must admit, the moment we drove back into the North Georgia Mountains I felt so at home. In just a weeks time I was longing to see the mountains on the horizon, the smell of pine forests all around and the feel of winding roads below our tires once more. The mountains are truly our home now, but the sea will always be our little getaway.

If only we lived in a place where the mountains met the sea, OH LOVE!

Horn Photography & Design vaca-002

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