July 9, 2016

THE GRAY DIARIES: 8 Months…Why am I letting my gray grow in?


It’s been some time since I last posted a Gray Update, I totally missed last months post. We have had big changes in our lives! The biggest change and dream come true is that Brandon is now full time with me in our business. To work everyday side by side with my husband on this epic adventure of life is beyond AMAZING. I truly cherish and love every minute of it. The next big change was our move, we moved from our 200 acres of land in the national forest to now being right down town Dahlonega, which also fits our personalities perfectly. We are the type who like to be either way out on a lot of land or right down town. We are not inbetweeners. And… last but not least we have been putting our new studio together and fine tuning the little details as we speak!!!

Needless to say all of this may be helping my gray hair become more gray and I am loving every second of it.

Horn Photography & Design Grey Dia-001-2

I like to go back to the question “Why am I letting my gray grow in?”  I go back to the question because the answer has changed over this 8 month journey. At first if was because dyeing my hair was a pain every 6 months, the dye is horrible for my health + my hair + the environment and I was curious to see what it would look like.  

But now my answer is this: My outward appearance tells my individual life story, the ups, downs, smiles, tears, joys, hard work and happiness. My beauty is born out of self knowledge, confidence and wisdom. I want to reveal and celebrate the beauty I have earned!

The world tries to hide aging –  to me hiding seems so desperate and insecure. Why hide? I want to  inspire others to truly love who they are. If more and more of us embrace our beauty through self knowledge, confidence and wisdom rather then trying to hide it with dyes and makeup we can change societies view on aging.

Cheer to my all silver sisters + brothers! 

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