I am finally 10 months in to the gray grow out and I seriously cant way to hit the finish line. In order to maintain my hair length throughout the entire process I am looking at about 3 full years (I am guessing). Patients don’t fail me know!! 

I have been going back an forth with the idea of cutting my hair to a Lob (thanks to Pinterest). The style looks super cute + it will speed up the Gray process. I could possibly have it all grown in within a year and a half if I go for the cut.  But… I feel that deep down I will regret it.

What do you think? Seriously leave me a comment and let me know what you think, especially if you are good at deciphering what hair cuts looks best on each facial shape. 


Along this journey I have noticed that if I part my hair down the center my hair looks almost totally white with more gray streaks. However if I part to the side a lot of my natural color is still growing strong.

Brandon likes to refer to me as “Rogue” or a condition called “Sexy-itis”!

Haha, not sure I agree but its good to know he loves me just the way I am. As I mentioned before my first grays were found at about 28 years old. So I am hoping that by the time I hit 40 most of it will be white. I adore white hair. 


As for my silver sisters out there…

Stay strong and confident in who you were created to be. I have friends that are totally gray and they are still in their 20’s, so if thats you, your not alone. Rock it sister! Keep in mind that God has set us apart for a reason, so lets embrace it instead of covering it up. If your in your 30’s please don’t let this cause a mental break down, remember there are 20 somethings with a full head of natural gray hair and tons of 20 somethings dying their hair gray. They see the value, beauty and confidence that gray hair instills in a person. And if your 40, don’t even let the gray bother you, all of us form 20 -100 have earned our natural gray hair.

And lets be honest, if your 50 or over with Gray hair you have to know how good you LOOK! If you don’t I am hear to affirm you. Lots of people actual want gray hair now. So don’t shy away from it.

Be You. Be Unique. Be Who You Were Created to Be!

Love you my silver sister,


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