March 7, 2018

Our Tiny A-Frame Home Office

Our Tiny A-Frame Home Office That We LOVE!

Tiny A-Frame Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega GA

When we made the leap from a 2000 square foot home with an attached 300 square foot studio + a 100 square foot office to a tiny A-frame home in the mountains with only 900 square feet in total we knew our space would look + feel completely different.  We were excited to go tiny, but our minds were full of doubts, fears and questions like – “will this even work?!“.


As we began downsizing and donating things to charity our emotions were pulled in two different directions. On one hand getting rid of “stuff” felt good + freeing and at the same time scary and empty.  However, we pushed through keeping our hearts and minds focused on what we know to be true… stuff does not bring happiness, fulfillment, joy or comfort. It only brings temporary satisfaction that quickly fades and leads to buying more stuff.

Before our move was complete we ended up donating 3 – 6ft X 12ft huge trailers full of stuff and one huge trailer full of junk went to the recycling.

Honestly when we were done we felt so free and the fear went completely away!

modern chic office space white interiors minimalist style Tiny A-Frame Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega GA

New Space = New Design = Standing Desks

But… we now had the challenge of designing a new space that was compact and full of much needed storage. When living tiny it is essential to include plenty of storage that looks neat and organized.  We both opted for standing desks. We actually had turned our desks into standing desks before we moved, we just needed to modify them a bit. So now they are attached to the wall with no legs needed. Huge space saver. Plus it’s almost too easy to plop down on a seat in front of a computer screen and not move for several hours – which is so bad for our health, posture and mental well being.

We get sucked into projects, editing photos, or just simply surfing the web, and some times the day goes by without ever having any real personal time. Opting for standing desks has made a very noticeable difference in our back alignment (no more back pain at all). We have actually lost weight when we started standing and we move around more. We no longer feel chained to our desks.

standing desks Tiny A-Frame Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega GA

Going Paperless

Before our move we took all our files digital. In our old office we had a huge 5 foot file cabinet filled to the brim and no where to put it in our new tiny home. So we scanned everything and now have nice + neat cloud storage files. We do keep our current year files on paper + safely on the cloud only because I personally like being able to pick up and read a tangible file + make notes, it’s part of my type A personality.

Blessing of Working Back to Back

Our desks are literally back to back from each other. At any point of the day I can turn around and give Brandon a big bear hug. I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Working with my best friend each day has been better then I could have ever imagined. Is it always easy? … HECK NO. But it is so worth it. We placed our two desks in the open alcove space of our loft. Our view over looks our entire home and if we need a break we can kick back on our bed and take a 20min cat nap.

Tiny Cubby Storage

Under our desks we both have extra Cubby Organizer storage. You can pick up cubby’s like this just about every where from Pottery Barn to IKEA or even Walmart. They work like a charm keeping things nicely in place and hidden (in the white boxes).

standing desks storage photography office studio wedding albums

Our little Tampa dog had to make an appearance as I was taking photos. She tries to get in any photo possible. We do have one chair in the office. Obviously it does not get used at our computers but every now and then we use it as we chat with clients on the phone or go through files.

Dalmatian tiny a-frame office dog

Thanks to our vaulted A-Frame ceiling our office never feels tiny. It actually feels really open, airy and bright. Our home is a reflection of the journeys we are afoot and is designed with creativity, a soul, a story, and a purpose.

Tiny A-Frame

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