September 3, 2020

Homestead Living and Chickens In The Mountains

If you have been following us for a while then you already know about our move from FL to GA about 5 years ago. However if your new, welcome we are excited to journey with you and get to know you! And secondly our personal love story began in Tampa FL were we met, fell in love and started our Photography Business 11 years ago. It is also where our dream of living on a Homestead began, a dream which included self sustainability, organic fresh food grown with our own hands and some beautiful land to call our own.

About 5 years ago we were presented with the offer to move to Dahlonega GA, a small adorable mountain town in North Georgia. At the time we had no idea it was quickly becoming the Wine Country of the south east with over 15 wineries + vineyards. We also had no idea it was a Wedding Destination location and also a very fertile location for growing crops. God took our dream and multiplied it.

Today we have just over an acre of land with a little A-frame home, chickens and a beautiful garden. And yes we are vegans raising chickens. We love our chickens and to us they are like pets and act more like puppies than chickens. We gather their eggs to sell and everyone who enjoys them says they are the best eggs they have ever tasted.

We currently have 20 birds which we have hand raised on all organic food since their birth in February of 2020. Three of our birds are roosters and the rest happy hens. We thought it would be fun to start off our homesteading journey by introducing our boys!

The head honcho of the flock we named Rooster, go figure right. He is an Australorp Chicken. He was our first rooster to crow, does a great job at keeping the flock in order, finding them food while they are frolicking free on the property and keeps a close eye out for predators. He also loves being hand fed. Every time he takes food from our hands he sets it on the ground and calls the ladies over and lets them eat first, he is quite the gentleman. His black feathers are gorgeous and have an almost iridescent color when the sun hits. He knows he looks good too and loves to show it off.

The next in line by pecking order is Biff. He is a Buff Orpington Chicken. We named him after Biff from Back To The Future. We had no idea just how perfect that name would turn out to be. Biff’s job in the flock is to be the muscles, the watch dog. If any predators get to close he is the first to go running and flair up. He is pretty hefty in size as well. He is not the gentleman Rooster is, he does not find food for the ladies but he will share with them. You can usually find him keeping an eye on the fence line that runs around our entire property and if he sees something he will pace the fence back and forth making all kinds of noise to ward anything off.

And then there is Red. He is what is known as an Easter Egger Chicken. His original name was cuddles when we thought he was a girl. As a baby and even still today he loves to jump on your lap and cuddle into your arms. He is our friendliest rooster by far. He was the last to crow and is the lowest in the pecking order of roosters. Since they all grew up together they all get along perfectly but still have their places in the flock. Red is also a gentlemen, he too will find food for the ladies, share with them but he also loves to gobble up food with them. He is so laid back we say he is our surfer dude. He also loves to show off. So far he has never tried to attack anything, but we know he would if he absolutely had. For now he leaves that up to the other two boys. He seems to be quite smart.

So those are our boys. Next week we will share our new egg packaging. Happy Thursday and Happy Homesteading.

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