November 8, 2019

1 Year Anniversary With Fur Baby: Kacy + Matt


One year ago, this week, Kacy + Matt became husband and wife and began the adventure of a lifetime. They promised to love unconditionally from now until forever… a promise that has been kept one whole year thus far and for 100 more to come.

As crisp fall leaves ruffled beneath their boots we documented a love that has grown, flourished and become even deeper since the day they exchanged their vows. A love they also decided to share with a new fur baby, Duke! And yes, human babies will come next, but for now Duke gets all the cuddles in the world. I mean who wouldn’t cuddle him, he looks like an adorable stuffed toy!

That face!!

Venturing through old tall pines that seemed to kiss the sky, crossing a well seasoned wooden bridge with a touch of skepticism (would it hold), and frolicking on top of grassy rolling hills filled their anniversary session with so much delight.

Kacy + Matt have the gift, the gift to inspire the world to love. A gift of love that keeps giving, growing and sharing. Their leap into the commitment to love with ones whole heart no matter the cost, that yes is courageous. That yes will set the world on fire with what we all need… unconditional love.

Dear Kacy + Matt,
It is such and honor to continue to document your amazing love story from your engagement to your wedding day and now your 1 year anniversary with your new little fur baby Duke! We are so excited to see your family grow and to journey with you over the years to come. Thank you for being courageous, to love with your whole hearts and to leap into an adventure that seems to scare most of the world. You are inspiring, heroic and beyond beautiful and to know you and know your story is a blessing that will be forever cherished.

Forever Blessed,
The Horns

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