20 Year Vow Renewal: Cyndi + Thomas

20 years ago their wedding photographer didn’t show up. So when we got the call from her best friend, Julie saying she wanted to surprise them with photography for their 20-year vow renewal we were ecstatic, honored and overjoyed! Talk about having the most awesome best friend ever!!

As we adventure through life we tend to lose things like… collagen, our hearing and of corse the ability to say cool words! But the one thing you never loose is your best friend, they are worth holding onto no matter what. They are the one who builds us up, gives us strength, makes us laugh and helps us breathe. And in an unexplainable way they let you grow independently from them, yet side-by-side.

Besties are our missing puzzle piece, they fill voids we may not even know we have. They warm our hearts and give us shoulders to lean on. It’s the person who really knows you, simple and raw. So obviously when we found out that Julie and Cyndi have been best friends since 7th grade our hearts just melted!! It was so obvious at Cyndi + Thomas’s beautiful vow renewal this past weekend. Two amazing women brought together by the beautiful bond of friendship.

Now I miss my best friend!!

But back to Cyndi + Thomas,  they truly are two amazing people holding tight to love, marriage, family and a lifetime of  adventures together. It was truly and honor to be there and document a piece of their love story that will be forever cherished.

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