Baby Annie Newborn Lifestyle Session: Dawsonville GA

Our hearts are literally so full we can’t even contain ourselves this week! Words are not even enough when it comes to expressing the joy and awe we experience when we have the opportunity to grow with a couple from their engagement session to their wedding and then we get the call that they are expecting. To have the blessing of documenting the life that two amazing people have brought into this world together through their love renders us speechless.

Like I said, our hearts can’t even contain themselves.

This past weekend we had the amazing honor and blessing of documenting Gina + Corey’s first newborn baby Annie with a lifestyle shoot in their home. Annie’s full name is Dorothy Anne, named after Gina’s 97 year old grandmother Dorthy who cried tears of joy when they told her the babies name. They call her Annie for short and she is beyond beautiful. She was born about a week or so early and weighed¬†– 5lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long. This weekend she was wide eyed, happy calm and so inquisitive. She did not cry once during the session, she stole our hearts at first sight.

Dear Gina + Corey,
Thank you so much for allowing us to journey with you as life unfolds your beautiful story. Meeting your beautiful baby girl Annie was a priceless moment for us. She is so beautiful and has taken on everything about the two of you that make you AMAZING humans. We have no doubt that she has the best parents in the world!

The Horns

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