April 7, 2022

Baby Campbell’s Newborn Session


We have had the beautiful honor and joy of documenting all of Paige and Walkers BIG MOMENTS, from there engagement session to their wedding day, their first anniversary, their first puppy, maternity session and now their first born son Campbell! He is beyond adorable and we are so excited to share!

His little nursery is perfect with an evergreen wall and a little tiger to stand guard over his crib. Lots of books fill the shelves and an abundance of love fills their home. This little man has the best parents ever.

Campbell was such a good sport, even while we interrupted his sleepy time.

In addition to the nursery Paige and Walker have a beautiful antique crib in their room for baby Campbell to sleep soundly after a late night snack. This crib was past down in their family and has held so much love, joy and sweet dreams.

To round out Campbell’s Newborn session Decker (his big sister pup:) came out to greet the family. You can tell she just loves the newest addition to the family. She also loves treats so she did fixate on the treats we were holding, perfect for photos.

Dear Paige + Walker,
Congratulations on becoming amazing parents to the sweets little boy. We pray that this wonderful adventure of parenthood brings you so much love and joy beyond your wildest dreams. This little verse remind us of your beautiful family, may you all continue you grown in God’s perfect love.

Proverbs 23:25
Let your father and your mother be glad,
And let her rejoice who gave birth to you.

Much love + Blessings,
The Horns

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