December 4, 2019

Florida Family Session: Ulbrich Family


While in FL for Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to document 1 amazing family session! The couple who first took a chance on us 10 years ago. Theirs was the first wedding we ever documented as a husband and wife team. A couple who has become friends so dear to us they are like family. A couple who is now a family of 6 and who have brought us along on the journey every year for the past 10 years! Meet the Ulbrich Family!

Jessica and Mike are incredible people and not to mention phenomenal parents. The love they share as a family is inspiring, warm and… you know it, contagious! Just being around them can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Today we choose to celebrate them and all families. Because this, this is an example of how to love well.

What a beautiful gift it is to be able to co-create life with God. Mind blown!! These 4 little people would never have existed if Jessica and Mike never got married and said yes to having babies. Their yes made it possible for 4 more little hearts to beat. These little hearts already have and will continue to have a huge impact on this world.

Each of our hearts do. Yours and mine also have a huge impact on this awe inspiring world. We all matter, we are all enough and we are all loved.

During the session Brandon asked the girls to make a crazy face so he could take a photo of it for mommy and daddy – this was the result. So muhc personality!

And we will leave with you some adorable photos of the twins. We decided to sit them next to each other and let them just do their thing. As you look at the photos it is as if you can see them communicating with each other totally without words. The bond they already share at just over a year old shines like the sun.

If you have a twin or a sibling we encourage you to call them, text them or hug them today!

Dear Jessica + Mike,
It has been such and honor and blessing to grow with you both and your family for the past 10 years. We never expected twins and yoga handstands while pregnant with twins – all we can say Jessica is you go boo, you inspire us! Oh and let’s not forget yoga handstands transitioned into breastfeeding two babies at the same time (literally at the same time) while keeping your two older girls entertained, and planning the start of your own business. If there was a superwoman award you would get it girl. Your an amazing mother, wife, friend and woman. But also over the past 10 years there is one thing Mike said that has always stuck with us when we talk about your kids and that was…

“as a parent you have to be willing to suffer with your kids”.

What great love it takes to suffer with your kids. What a great and strong father it takes to suffer with his children and his wife. A man who is not afraid to fight for love. A man who is strong and supports his amazing family. All suffering – everything from a simple meaning of suffering, laying on the couch with them all day watching cartoons because they have a fever and just want you to hold them to the hard suffering of hang on to doing what is right for them even if they fight against it kicking and screaming. That is love at its best. Thank you Jessica and Mike for working as a husband + wife team to share this love in the world.

Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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