September 9, 2019

Fowler Family: A Washington DC Love Story


Seriously the cuteness… it is beyond heart melting.

As most of you know we are on our East Coast Road Trip with one of our stops being Washington DC. This also happens to be home to Adam & Kate Fowler + their two amazing boys! Adam and Brandon became best friends in college and he was Brandon’s best man at our wedding. Then four years ago he introduced us to Kate, his perfect match. Then told us in secret that he would be proposing soon.

We were ecstatic!!

A year later we had the honor and blessing of documenting their gorgeous wedding in San Antonio Texas. The beginning of their incredible love story.

So now three years later we are documenting the fruits of their love. A beautiful family completely wrapped in joy, happiness, love and endless zeal for the Christ.

They are just one of those families who make you want to have kids or in our case more kids!

Because this is what family is all about, big warm snuggle hugs, tickle sessions that make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and deep rooted ever enduring love. A love that is safe, true and honest.

Thank you Adam and Kate for taking the time to play in the leaves, lay in the grass and allow us to witness your snuggles with your babies. Your family is truly inspiring and your hospitality has made us feel right at home. We are so blessed to call you friends. Love you!

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