September 16, 2021

Newborn LifeStyle Session: Baby Clara


Baby Clara is beyond adorable and we were so blessed to have had the honor of documenting her newborn session! Clara’s little room was perfect with all the most beautiful touches to help this little amazing human, created by God, to grow and thrive. Her home, thanks to mom and dad, is full of joy, faith, hope and great love. To capture the wonderful witness of love Emily, Gabe and Clara share was so life-giving and truly wondrous.

And the way she looks at mom and dad with such great wonder and awe. The trust of a child in the hands of their parents is deeply inspiring. She knows she is loved.

Dear Emily + Gabe,
Thank you for allowing us to journey with your beautiful family as you walk this amazing path together hand in hand. Baby Clara is obviously adorable and so in love with you both and the two of you with her. May these little moments always be treasured as she grows, it happens oh so fast. And we pray that many years of a wonderful family life is before you.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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